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    About Bank Statement Mortgages

    Bank statement loans enable business owners to finance both the purchase (or refinancing) of a house using bank statements to income qualify. No tax returns needed.

    Requirements for a bank statement loan include:

    • Must be self-employed for a minimum of 2 years
    • 600 minimum FICO
    • Must be depositing income into one main operating account
    • Minimum 10% Down payment

    Why A Bank Statement Mortgage?

    Bank statements loans offer an excellent solution for many self-employed borrowers, investors, or those without regular income that can be documented for a home loan application. The Bank Statements Mortgage allows for qualification based on balances in deposit accounts rather than on a W-2 or tax return. Your financial profile may be different from borrowers who earn a typical salary. We understand.

    Bank accounts can be either personal or business accounts.

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